Wilfred Valenta, Adrien Caranta, Johan Rosell

Year Founded



Montreal, Quebec


Silofit is the world’s first network of private, on-demand fitness spaces. Silofit transforms small, under-utilized office spaces in premium locations into curated fitness studios. Silofit leverages brick-and-mortar spaces and backend technology to become the end-to-end service provider for fitness and wellness professionals to grow their business.

Why we invested

Silofit combines technology and real estate to create a platform for individuals and trainers to achieve their goals. With massive shifts in the fitness industry in recent years, Silofit is rethinking the way that underutilized space can be optimized to enable trainers to build their business and individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals. We are excited to be part of Silofits journey as they continue to grow and flex with the evolving fitness industry.

Meet the founders

Adrien Caranta, Wilfred Valenta, Johan Rosell

Wilfred, Adrien, and Johan have over 20 years of combined experience in business and product development. Since coming together to start Silofit, it's been their mission to create unique, tech-enabled spaces for people to bring their health and wellness goals to life.
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